7 September 2023


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Emergency operators: focus on mental health, psychological trauma and resilience in the Co.E.S. conference to REAS

The psychological well-being of those who work in emergencies is a highly topical issue that deserves to be explored in all healthcare companies. On the occasion of the twenty-second edition of REAS scheduled from 6 to 8 October at the Centro Fiera Montichiari, Co.E.S. Italia proposes a conference on Saturday 7 October to explore the theme involving leading personalities active in emergency contexts.

The goal is to provide the operator with therapy to deal with the consequences of exceptional traumatic events or to overcome emotional blocks following psychologically traumatic events experienced in service.


09:30 / Greetings and introduction
Daniele ORLETTI – National President of Co.E.S. Italy
Marco NECCHINI – National Vice-President Co.E.S. Italy
Sebastiano TEBALDI – President Co.E.S. Lombardy

09:45 am / Work-related stress: risk assessment, support intervention actions and development of well-being and organizational climate
Dr. Giampietro SCAGLIONE – RSPP and competent doctor, AUSL PC coordinator
Dr. Christine ZANCANI – Competent doctor AUSL PC
Dr. Nicoletta PORCU – AUSLPC occupational psychologist

10:15 am / Emotions in Emergency

11:00 / Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing at the service of rescuers
Dr. Stefania SACCHEZIN – Expert in psychotraumatology and emergency psychology – EMDR supervisor and facilitator

11:45 am / Complicated rescue: from the clinic to emotions
Dr. Alberto CANALINI – S.E.T. specialist nurse 118 Modena, SIIET

12:10 / When the personnel in the health sector are subjected to violence
Dr. Gianluca FAZZOLARI – Substitute Commissioner of the State Police

12:45 / Conclusion and end of work