25 August 2023


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The approach to patients after a terrorist attack: the Sago Medica conference at REAS

On Sunday 8 October, as part of REAS 2023, Sago Medica – Medical Equipment promotes the conference entitled “The approach to patients after a terrorist attack“.

The event, scheduled from 09:30 to 13:30 in Sala Pedini (second floor, central entrance), will allow to deepen the experience of healthcare workers who have operated in terrorist scenarios, in high-risk situations and in critical circumstances.

A useful opportunity for those who want to assimilate new knowledge and refine their technical knowledge in the management of critical emergencies.

Management of critically injured patients with massive bleeding (MARCH ON)
Dr. Giulio Novarese
Treatment and management of the burn patient
Dr. Andrea De Bellis
Prevention and management of hypothermia in out-of-hospital patients
Prof. Giorgio Berlot
Terrorist attack Nice 2016
Dr.ssa Floriana Zennaro