The protagonists of emergency management
in a REAS online event program

REAS has always been alongside the protagonists of emergency management. Waiting for the 2021 edition, October will still be a month dedicated to the operators and volunteers who animate the event of the Centro Fiera Montichiari. In fact, from 2 to 4 October 2020, under the aegis of REAS, a program of conferences, seminars and online courses dedicated to some key issues for the emergency sector will be proposed, also in light of the experience gained in recent months in the management of pandemic linked to Covid-19.

A virtual moment to send a real message of hope and trust!

All events can be followed from this site or from the REAS Facebook page.



Emergency Management and Information Management during COVID19 emergency response. The experience of the Italian Red Cross


During COVID19 emergency peak, the Italian Red Cross managed more than 530.000 intervention, around the whole country, updating plans, procedures and operational methodologies and sharing information worldwide with Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies and the International Federation, feeding a huge community of practice with analysis coming from field experiences.

The webinar is aimed to show how the Italian Red Cross emergency management system worked during COVID19 emergency peak, the importance of the integration of the scientific community and how data sharing had been of common benefit.


FRIDAY 2 OCTOBER / 2.00 PM – 3.30 PM

Volunteers and IPR in the Covid-19 era: critical issues and new solutions


Friday 2 October, from 2.00 pm to 3.30 pm, AiFOS presents the seminar entitled “The volunteer between old and new PPE“. The subject of personal protective equipment in the voluntary sector has always been one of the most felt and sensitive. With the advent of Covid-19, some aspects have become more complex. The factors to consider are multiple and increasingly complex.

The webinar will be an opportunity to take stock of the state of the art, analyzing all situations and possible solutions.


Stefano Farina
Vice President AiFOS Civil Protection, RSPP Risk Prevention Service of the Civil Protection Autonomous Province of Trento

Daniela Panariti
Volunteer of the Municipal Group of Civil Protection of Thiene
RSPP and Safety Consultant in the workplace

Pauline Berengo
Civil Protection Volunteer



Covid-19: CISOM’s experience and activities on the territory


The world of Italian volunteering has played a key role in the management of the Covid-19 emergency, providing energy and skills that have proved essential in the most critical phase of the pandemic. The program of online events proposed under the aegis of REAS from 2 to 4 October 2020 will be an opportunity to draw up an initial assessment of these months of activity.

On Friday 2 October, at 5.00 pm, the conference entitled “Covid-19: the experience and activities of CISOM” will be a valuable opportunity to deepen the role of the Order of Malta’s Italian Relief Corps.


SMOM and 50 years of CISOM
Avv. Marino Colosio
National Inspector CISOM

Activity carried out by CISOM Lombardia in the Covid period and its participation in the construction of the two Covid hospitals in Milan and Civitanova Marche
Avv. Carlo Settembrini Trabucchi
Lombardy group leader

Activity carried out in the territory by the Brescia group in the Covid period
Mr. Leonardo Spataro
Brescia parent company



Forest fire prevention: an international AIB round table


One of the most anticipated events is the AIB Forest Fire National Round Table scheduled for Saturday 3 October starting at 10 am entitled “AIB WOOD FIRE FIGHTING 2020 campaign: experiences and operating methods in the Covid era“.

The event promoted by the Italian Civil Protection magazine will see the participation of prominent forest fire prevention speakers and will be able to count on the closing intervention of the Head of the National Civil Protection Department Angelo Borrelli.

Here is the complete program.

Dr. Ezio Zorzi – Director of the Garda Exhibition Center;
Dr. Andreas Züge – General Manager Deutsche Messe, Hannover Fair;
Ing. Dirk Aschenbrenner – President VFDB (German Association for Fire Protection)

The webinar is moderated by Franco Pasargiklian, present in the Liguria Region station.

National Civil Protection Department station: Dr. Dario Negro – Environmental, technological and forest fire prevention service;
Liguria Region workstation: Dr. Massimo Galardi – Regional AIB Manager;
Lombardy Region-Ticino Park Station: Alessandro Todaro – AIB / PC Volunteer Manager of the Ticino Park;
Puglia Region Station: Ing. Lucio Pirone – Regional Operations Room Manager;
Piedmont Region workstation: Dr. Cristina Ricaldone – Regional AIB Manager;
Tuscany Region workstation: Dr. Gianluca Calvani, regional AIB official and Dr. Leonardo Franchini, regional PC official, members of the interinstitutional technical table AIB and referents of the AIB subcommittee lead region of the PC Special Commission. The participation in the work of Dr. Gianfilippo Micillo, director of the planning and coordination office of the AIB service of the CNVVF is expected. Also present was Gabriele Salvadori, president of the Tuscan AIB Volunteer Coordination.

Dr. Angelo Borrelli, head of the National Civil Protection Department, will close the webinar.



What to know to manage a volunteer organization of Civil Protection


Civil Protection volunteering plays a strategic role in the national emergency management protocol.

What are the key aspects to manage a volunteer organization of Civil Protection?

The webinar proposed by Provincia di Brescia will analyze the relevant legislation and will clarify all the fundamental aspects to properly manage the administration of the OGV.