9 September 2022


by: robertoreasonline


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Risk planning and prevention: the meeting of INSFO and ROE Civil Protection at REAS

On the occasion of the 2022 edition of REAS, the Istituto Nazionale Superiore Formazione Operativa di Protezione Civile and the Raggruppamento Operativo Emergenze  organize the conference entitled “Italy is an excellence in rescue but in planning and prevention?“. The appointment is set for Saturday 8 October, starting at 9.00, in the Pedini Room (second floor, central entrance).

The conference, which will be able to count on the participation of institutional speakers and experts of national importance, will be an opportunity to take stock of the state of the art in emergency planning and prevention from natural and anthropogenic risks. The appointment will also give the opportunity to address the issue of the growing demand for training and specialization in civil protection. Being able to count on reliable and fully trained professional figures is an indispensable condition for managing emergency situations that occur more and more often in our country with maximum efficiency and promptness.