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The Italian Army at the International Emergency Exhibition

The Italian Army at the International Emergency Exhibition

The 2019 edition of REAS, the International Emergency Exhibition, will see for the first time the participation of the Italian Army which will present to all the specialists in the sector, some of its prized assets able to work in support of the Civil Protection in the event of public calamities – such as in areas hit by seismic events, in the case of exceptional snowfall and floods, or in fire prevention campaigns – in addition to its primary mission of defending the homeland and national interests.

The Alpine Army Troops will therefore be present, probably the best proof of how the synergy between the Armed Forces and Civil Protection is able to ensure better compliance with emergency situations. The Engineers of the 32nd Guastatori genius regiment of the Taurinense Alpine Brigade will exhibit vehicles and equipment used several times in Liguria, Piedmont and Abruzzo, while the Meteomont specialists will present their fundamental activity of avalanche risk prevention in the mountains.

Trained and prepared for every type of use, in climatic conditions and in prohibitive territories, the Alpine troops are in possession of all those abilities that make them able to intervene – at the request of the competent authorities – to support the Civil Protection and other Institutions in helping the population, integrating synergistically and effectively in emergency management.

This ability has been implemented in recent years following the numerous interventions in the field, but even more thanks to continuous joint exercises with the Civil Protection at provincial, regional and national level. Alongside them there will be the structures of the National Alpine Association, which will present their different Civil Protection specialties, excellences of the “alpine” commitment in which solidarity and efficiency come together in a combination of experience and organization at the service of the citizen.

What will be exhibited at REAS 2019 by the Alpine Troops and the National Alpine Association will again be exercised in November in a great exercise of Civil Protection called “VARDIREX 2019”.

The VARDIREX (Various Disaster Relief Management Exercise) is a civil protection exercise that will see over 500 men on the field, an expression of the professionalism of the Armed Forces and the National Alpine Association with the support of the Civil Protection Department. The operational areas identified in two Regions (Liguria and Lombardy) will see a contemporary intervention in different emergency situations, with the aim of verifying the procedures and the interoperability between the components involved in rescue operations during public calamities.