Photo contest REAS



The “Photo contest REAS” is one of the main innovations of REAS 2022.

The contest, promoted by REAS in collaboration with Photogek Fenaroli atelier, is aimed at volunteers in the emergency sector, called to tell their operational experience through photography. The shots will be able to portray the activities carried out in the field and the services provided in emergency contexts but also the daily activity that is carried out within an association or group active in the area.

A Technical Jury composed of professionals from the cultural / photographic sector will have the task of evaluating the photographs received, selecting those capable of capturing the spirit and passion of those who work in emergency management in the most authentic way.

The winning work will be included in the REAS promotional materials and will accompany the dissemination activities that the project dedicates to the world of emergency volunteering, carried out in collaboration with organizations, institutions and companies in the sector.

Furthermore, the 30 best photographs will be included in the exhibition set up on 7, 8 and 9 October 2022 as part of REAS.



Who can participate?

Anyone aged 18 and over, close to the world of emergency volunteering, who wants to tell with a snapshot the activity and context of those who work in emergency management.


What is the theme of the contest?

The goal is to capture the spirit and passion of those who work in emergency management in the most authentic way. Each volunteer can tell about the experience within a group or association, taking a cue from the services provided but also from everyday activities. Photographs in which defenseless bodies or in any case non-respectful of human dignity are portrayed will not be taken into consideration.


What characteristics should the photographs have?

The minimum resolution accepted is FULL HD 1920 × 1080 in the photographic format of your choice (.jpg, .png, .psd, .pdf, .tiff).


How do you participate?

Read the downloadable regulation on this page and fill in form A (individual registration) or B (registration in associated form) and any release for the subjects filmed.


How do you send the photos?

The photographs must be sent to, via email for files up to 7MB or with WeTransfer for files exceeding 7 MB.


Is participation free?



Is it possible to participate as a group?

You can participate individually or in association.


Until when can you participate?

Photographs and participation forms must be sent by 11.00 pm on 4th September 2022.


How will the photographs be judged?

The photographs will be evaluated by a Technical Jury made up of professionals from the cultural / photographic sector and a Web-Social Jury. The weight of the latter on the final grade will be 20%.


When is the award ceremony scheduled?

The award ceremony will take place on Sunday 9 October during REAS 2022.