19 September 2023


by: robertoreasonline


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Taking care of the fragile patient: the CIVES course at REAS

On Saturday 7 October, as part of REAS 2023, CIVES is offering the free course (7 ECM credits) entitled “Specialist Volunteering: taking care of the fragile patient“.

The course is designed to acquire basic skills and updates relating to nursing in the Civil Protection sector. Activities in emergency areas will be analyzed with particular attention to subjects with long-term pathologies. The educational project also has the aim of improving collaboration and communication strategies between voluntary bodies and associations and citizens’ associations for the protection of chronic diseases

SATURDAY 7 OCTOBER / 9.00 am / Room 4
(second floor, central entrance)

09.15 am / Institutional greetings
10:00 am / The complex patient. From fragility to chronicity to complexity.
10.20 am / The trained Volunteer: what support he can provide to the health worker
10.40 am / “Scouting Operation”. Experience of synergy between healthcare professionals and patient associations for the evacuation of cancer children from Ukraine
11.00 am / REAS inauguration break
12.00 pm / Mapping of patient associations in the Brescia area.
12.20pm / Relationship and communication with the chronic patient
12.40 pm / The central Italian experience
1.00 pm / Lunch break
2.00 pm / Round Table of the Civil Protection Volunteer Association
3.30 pm / Closing of proceedings and Evaluation Test