1 August 2023


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Portable field and emergency lighting: at REAS the presentation of the “Towerlux-Series” lighting towers for scenarios of maximum operational criticality

Aeronautical technology and experimentation applied to field and emergency portable lighting are the factors that led the Italian company EIL Systems to create the first inflatable light tower equipped with the latest generation integrated batteries, patented all over the world.

The “Towerlux-Series®” systems, of which the integrated battery solution constitutes the most advanced point of development, are the result of experiences developed in the field in close and continuous collaboration with national and international civil and military entities operating in the fields of civil protection, environmental safety and rescue in scenarios of maximum criticality. These systems have in fact been used in numerous emergency operations, such as those following the earthquake in Amatrice, the avalanche in Rigopiano and the railway accident in Lac-Mégantic.

From feedback from field experience to new inventions, the conference intends to focus – with the direct testimony of the protagonists – on the path and the technological solutions adopted, which allow EIL Systems to present for the first time at REAS 2023 a system of field lighting for large areas, unique in the world for lightness, portability, speed of installation, autonomy, visual comfort and power of light. Further information: www.eilsystems.com.

The use of portable lighting towers with latest generation integrated batteries in scenarios of maximum operational criticality

Saturday 7 October 2023
Sala Scalvini (first floor, central entrance)


Luca Verna, commander of the Pescara Fire Brigade, technical director of the rescue operations in Rigopiano
Cristian Salutari, head of the People’s Volunteer Fire Brigade Detachment (PE), general secretary of the National Association of Volunteer Fire Brigades (ANVVFV), writer of the experience report
Guido Medici, EIL Systems Technical Office
Federico Medici, EIL Systems Communications Office

Participation in the conference is free for REAS 2023 visitors.
For information or contacts: reas.ufficiostampa@mediarke.it