15 June 2023


by: robertoreasonline


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At REAS 2023 a new area dedicated to occupational safety

REAS is divided into macro exhibition areas that cover all areas of emergency management: fire prevention, civil protection, first aid and aids for people with disabilities. Over the course of over twenty years of history, the International Emergency Exhibition has been able to give a voice to companies that put work, experience and the ability to innovate at the service of the emergency sector.

The technological synergy is the basis of one of the novelties of REAS 2023. On the occasion of the edition scheduled from 6 to 8 October, in fact, the three sectors that have always been the strength of REAS are joined by the one dedicated to occupational safety. Many innovations intended for the emergency sector also find application in the field of occupational safety and this is why, in certain processes, the production processes are carried out in a synergistic way.

REAS will therefore offer companies that have been exhibiting products for the emergency sector at the fair for some time the opportunity to also offer their own range relating to occupational safety. One more opportunity for companies and visitors.