5 October 2021


by: robertoreasonline


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Sartoria Schiavi: “We must return to meet, to confront, to have faith in the future and in our fundamental role as Companies and Associations”

For twenty years Sartoria Schiavi has been a partner of REAS and has shared every moment of growth that has been truly mutual. Today the Piacenza-based company confirms its presence at the fair with the enthusiasm of the first edition and a wealth of experience that has earned it the trust of institutions, operators and emergency volunteers.

Here is our interview with Marica Montanari, marketing manager of Sartoria Schiavi.

The past year was inevitably marked by COVID-19. The emergency sector has played a key role in addressing the spread of the pandemic. What is the experience of Sartoria Schiavi?
Sartoria Schiavi has been at the forefront of the fight against the pandemic. Especially in the first lockdown, our certified washable masks helped the police and rescuers and the population to protect themselves. Our company is based in Piacenza, the epicenter of the first pandemic wave, so the commitment was really great, as well as the fear of something that was unknown. It was a touching and tiring experience, but we also saw the solidarity of many companies, like ours, which have donated so many protection devices.

REAS 2021 is proposed as a starting point for the entire sector and wants to convey to operators and volunteers a signal of unity and confidence in the future. What are your expectations for this edition?
The objective of Sartoria Schiavi is aligned with that of the Fair, of which we have been a partner for 20 years and with which we have shared every moment and every experience. We must return to meet, to confront, to have faith in the future and in our fundamental role as Companies and Associations operating in such a crucial sector.
We expect a desire for rebirth and a desire for sociality.

What news will you bring to REAS 2021? Are there any special initiatives that you will present at the fair?
For its commitment during the pandemic, Sartoria Schiavi is “Artisan of the year”. Confartigianato Piacenza has created a book that tells our story: we will deliver it to the authorities and to the Fair as a sign of thanks. In our stand we will present the news in terms of fabrics and accessories. As every year, Sartoria Schiavi is sponsor of various initiatives: first of all the “Trofeo Cinofili da Soccorso”, now in its sixth edition, led by Giovanni Martinelli. Lots of news this year in terms of research and obedience of our four-legged friends, indispensable in many emergency scenarios. In the Pavilion set up by the Italian Red Cross, in addition to the large exhibition of vehicles and activities, a play area will be set up with a table football tournament; the initiative was born in the name of the return to sociality and Sartoria Schiavi has gladly married the sponsorship of all the awards. Collaboration also with the ANA Civil Protection in the Pavilion set up together with the Alpine Troops.