5 October 2021


by: robertoreasonline


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I.R.Co.T. and SER Italia at REAS: development of the Special Rescue Operating Unit – NOSS

SER Italia employs the Special Operational Rescue Units fully embracing the “I.R.Co.T. philosophy” and a sacrosanct principle: to protect workers when they entrust their lives to the rescue teams and the rescuers themselves, because they must not be started to carry out their tasks without adequate Health and Technical training and training.

There are many curricula that we screen to verify the skills of aspiring rescuers but, for the most part, they are self-referential skills. Of course, to bypass the “self-referral”, we also use Rescuers from the Special Aid of the Italian Red Cross. In particular of SMTS Nuclei Operators (Rescue with Special Vehicles and Techniques) where the qualification path embraces the protocols of the SAF units of the Fire Brigade and Alpine Rescue.
Similar protocols in the same direction in terms of capabilities and skills, but clearly more targeted to the needs of private industry, we have found them in I.R.Co.T., ​​which has developed a specific path: Industrial rescue Operator IResQ.

In this context, all the techniques must be reconfigured and transmitted to the Rescuers. Furthermore, the Legislative Decree 81/08 and the DPR 177/11 oblige us to remain within the boundaries of the legislation. This is the big job we have done with I.R.Co.T .: apply the SWIS (Safety Working Itneraction System) models. An articulated system of development of the qualification of operational personnel, focused precisely on the training and training capacity. The same model provides for alignment with the protocols of the public emergency technical services, so that the interventions are performed with techniques aimed at the direct acceptance of the injured person among the emergency services without re-performing the assessments already performed. This is to the benefit of the precious minutes that separate life from fate!

The advantages related to joining the NOSS are many. Being included in the IRCOT professional register pursuant to Law 4/2013 is, for the aspiring Rescuer, a recognition by a third party, which has assessed and certified the professional skills. For the company that uses it, the safety that, in the moment of need, will be able to carry out a correct rescue or rescue.