28 September 2021


by: robertoreasonline


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Robots help protect people: DRZ – German Rescue Robotics Center at REAS

Among the exhibitors of REAS 2021 the presence of DRZ – German Rescue Robotics Center is confirmed, an excellence that opens up new horizons to protect and save lives thanks to recent developments in the field of robotics.

DRZ – German Rescue Robotics Center is the first national competence center for rescue robotics based in Dortmund and is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. We are opening new horizons to protect and save lives with the robots they rescue. Our unique network of users, research and businesses creates innovative technologies based on needs and integrates them into operational practice. At the heart of this is the so-called “Living Lab”. Here we provide various test areas on which we test systems together with users for their suitability for use. The base is formed by the 4 guiding scenarios: fire, collapse and burial under rubble, detection of hazardous substances and floods, as well as the resulting challenges for rescue robotics. This is how research becomes visible. We are a driving force for product development, we establish the necessary standards, certify and then accelerate the spread of robots in the field of protection and rescue. The basis of our success is the pooling of skills and the will to create exceptional things.