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ANPAS Lombardia: the value of skills

ANPAS Lombardia: the value of skills

This year the organization ANPAS Lombardia will focus its presence at REAS on the value of SKILLS: the Rescue Operators are technically trained so that their work is always professional; the Volunteers of the Associations develop and use their human and relational skills in order to interact effectively with people, even in situations of great difficulty; and again the personnel who carry out rescue and medical activities acquire the skills that guarantee the ability to work in different situations and contexts, always protecting first and foremost their own safety.

The space available to ANPAS Lombardia will be Pavilion 4: a large area that will allow to carry out various activities and attract visitors with different interests, in which we will talk about Health Aid, Civil Protection, and the future of Volunteering.

Particular importance will be given to the subject of training with a dedicated calendar, open to all ANPAS volunteers and not only; furthermore there will be an area dedicated to discussion, to confrontation with knowledge: the growth of the Movement and of the Volunteers also passes through the ability to evolve, to respond to new needs, to change with respect to consolidated habits. Finally, there will be the opportunity to relax and have fun, with a special event organized on Saturday 5 October at 4pm.

These are the words of President ANPAS Lombardia Luca Puleo: “We are happy to be at the REAS – International Emergency Exhibition – and we believe that today it is important to talk about skills at 360°, an issue that ANPAS has always focused on, for all activity that it carries out. Today more than yesterday it is fundamental that the Volunteers are able to face increasingly complex contexts, we have the duty to provide Training and tools to be able to act in this sense. Without forgetting that the smile and the ability to listen are two of the “intangible” fundamental skills in the activities we carry out, most of the times in contact with fragile people or those who are going through a difficult moment. We hope to see many Volunteers at the Fair, because we believe it is an opportunity for growth and important sharing.