27 May 2024


by: robertoreasonline


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REAS 2024: an increasingly complete exhibition offer

The emergency sector is increasingly linked to innovation processes and the use of new technologies. The challenges posed by climate change make monitoring, prevention and relief activities even more complex. For this reason, companies in the sector are experimenting with solutions and products capable of adapting to increasingly uncertain contexts, where flexibility and speed of intervention can prove decisive in securing the territory and saving human lives. The exhibitors at REAS, the leading fair in Italy for the emergency sector, reflect this evolution, offering a highly specialized showcase for those working in the emergency sector. The 2024 edition, scheduled from 4 to 6 October at Centro Fiera Montichiari, will focus on the main macro-areas that have accompanied the growth of the event over the course of over two decades: firefighting, civil protection and first aid. Over the years, complementary exhibition sections have been added to these product lines which, from edition to edition, have strengthened the fair, making it even more complete. This is the case of aids for people with disabilities and, lastly, of the segment linked to safety at work.

The focus of REAS will, as usual, be on firefighting, civil protection and first aid,” explains Ezio Zorzi, director of the Montichiari Exhibition Centre. “At the same time, a high-profile event must be able to grasp the signals coming from the market. By delving into technologies at the service of people with disabilities and devices for safety at work, REAS completes its exhibition offer, giving concrete answers to the needs of operators.

The October edition, in fact, will be an opportunity to evaluate special setups for ambulances and medical vehicles, created based on the needs of those who provide assistance to people with disabilities. The interlocutors are the operators of voluntary organizations, as well as the bodies responsible for social policies, but also families and individuals who need to evaluate specific solutions. The visit to the fair guarantees direct contact with the best production and commercial companies, with the added value of requesting customizations and tailor-made interventions.

REAS will also give space to the topic of workplace safety, offering a range of devices and services designed for companies operating in emergency contexts. Many innovations intended for the emergency sector, in fact, also find application in the field of workplace safety and this is why, in certain processes, the production processes are carried out in a synergistic manner.

Every year REAS attracts over 29,000 operators and volunteers, attentive to all the news that can improve the standards of intervention”, concludes Zorzi. “The visit to the fair is a business opportunity for companies and, at the same time, an opportunity for training and personal growth for those who work in the sector.