6 October 2022


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Ukraine: 232 patients flown to Italy in 7 months
At REAS the point on the health support of the Civil Protection

Italy has transported 232 Ukrainian patients with 35 medical flights since the beginning of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. In these seven months, the Department of Civil Protection has in fact activated a “medical evacuation” and “disability evacuation” service dedicated to patients from Ukraine and present in neighboring countries, using institutional structures or private flights for the transport. offered as a donation. This is an anticipation of the data on Italian health support for the war in Ukraine that will be provided on the occasion of REAS 2022, the twenty-first edition of the great International Emergency Exhibition, which opens tomorrow 7 October at Centro Fiera di Montichiari (Brescia) for in fact, during the event, a conference on “Medevac and Disevac in international emergencies: state of the art and future perspectives” is scheduled for Saturday 8 (2 pm, Sala Pedini). the head of the Civil Protection Department, Fabrizio Curcio, the Director General of the Department’s Volunteer and Resources Office, Sisto Russo, and the Consul General of Ukraine in Milan, Andrii Kartysh. “This conference will focus on the value of the operation that we started in February to support the Ukrainian population “, explains the Russian director.” We will present the faces of the protagonists of this operation, who will share their experience in the hope that this moment will also represent an opportunity for reflection to take note of what we have built and then try to outline the path that awaits us “.

The REAS 2022 hall will be officially inaugurated on Saturday 8 (10:30 am, central entrance) with the intervention of civil and military authorities. Over 240 exhibitors from Italy and 19 other countries (including Germany, France, Poland, Great Britain, Canada, United States, Australia, China and South Korea) were present on an exhibition area of ​​over 30 thousand square meters. Numerous technological innovations will be exhibited in the 8 halls of the exhibition center, such as new emergency and fire fighting vehicles, helicopters with special equipment, equipment for first aid operators, anti-virus sanitation systems and even drones for the search for missing in the event of natural disasters or major accidents. Over 25 conferences and collateral events are scheduled, starting with a round table that will be dedicated to the latest forest fire campaign and to the collaboration between the various regions to manage the disastrous fires that have also broken out this year throughout the peninsula. Other conferences will cover the role of volunteering in civil protection, rescue operations in the air and in the mountain or industrial environment, the transport of pediatric or traumatized patients, emergency telecommunications and planning and prevention of natural and anthropogenic risks. Some side events are also scheduled, such as an educational project for children on emergencies, a basic course for civil protection volunteers and a joint exercise with the participation of state bodies and volunteer groups. Finally, the delivery of some prizes is expected: the “Giuseppe Zamberletti Trophy” for fire fighting and civil protection, the “Driver of the Year Trophy” for emergency vehicle drivers, the “Dog Rescue Trophy” for units civil protection dog lovers and the photo contest “Photograph the emergency in safety”.

REAS is organized by Centro Fiera Montichiari in partnership with Hannover Fairs International GmbH and with Interschutz, the world’s leading specialized trade fair that takes place every four years in Hanover (Germany). Admission is free and open to all, after registering online for this