16 June 2022


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Drones in emergencies: the national conference on the use of unmanned systems in rescue activities returns to REAS

Drones still protagonists at REAS. In fact, on the occasion of the next edition of the International Emergency Exhibition, the second edition of the national conference “Drones in emergencies. The use of unmanned systems for search and rescue activities “, which will take place on Friday 7 October at Centro Fiera Montichiari (Scalvini Room, first floor, central entrance, 3 pm). This appointment follows the success of the first edition of the conference, which last year saw the participation of important speakers and about a hundred participants including professionals and volunteers.

The conference will see the interventions of experts and operators, who will present some recent operational activities with the use of unmanned platforms in search, rescue and emergency missions in the event of natural disasters, major accidents or search and rescue operations. The organization is organized by the Roman company Mediarkè, in collaboration with the two professional reference events of the drone sector in Italy, Roma Drone Conference and Sea Drone Tech Summit. Official partner is the ReD Tech flight school for drone pilots.


The use of unmanned systems for search and rescue activities

Friday 7 October 2022
15: 00-16: 30
Scalvini Room (first floor, central entrance)

Mediarkè srl
Rome Drone Conference
Sea Drone Tech Summit

Official partner:
ReD Tech

Luigi CONTIN, ReD Tech
Massimo LANDI, Local Police of the Union of Valtenesi Municipalities (Manerba del Garda – BS)
Valentino ARILLO, Crisis Unit of the Municipality of Civitavecchia (RM)
Francesco GARGANESE, Territorial Air Surveillance (SAT)

Luciano CASTRO, president of Rome Drone Conference and Sea Drone Tech Summit

Participation in the conference is free and free for visitors to REAS 2022.
For information or contacts: segreteria@romadrone.it.