5 October 2021


by: robertoreasonline


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SegnamiTS: at REAS an innovative suite for the management of associations

SegnamiTS was born from the idea of a Volunteer, with the aim of simplifying the management of Volunteer Associations.

Flu-id was founded on this idea, a company dedicated to providing services related to Information Technology..

Simple, fast, digital and usable by everyone, SegnamiTS is the flagship product of Flu-id, created from the experience of those who have been working as an ambulance rescuer for years.

The intention is to make available what is needed for the operational management of an out-of-hospital emergency facility, with particular attention to shifts coverage and the availability of Volunteers, without necessarily having to go to the headquarters, having the ability to access the management system. directly from home.

SegnamiTS is a real suite that includes everything you need for the management of Associations, from shifts coverage, to service management, to the creation of invoices and / or expense reports.

SegnamiTS is distributed with the “Software as a Service” (SaaS) formula, that is, it can be used through any computer device that can surf the internet without having to install expensive servers.
Among the appreciable advantages of SegnamiTS: the immediate sharing of information, the great portability of the system, the elimination of the card and the ability to contact members by email or text message.

The Associations that have adopted SegnamiTS tell of a revolution in the management of shifts. Operations are guaranteed both from headquarters and from home, also having the ability to deal with emergencies without wasting time. Those who have the task of managing a complex reality can afford to volunteer with a smile and without stress.

Our time is precious and it is a duty to be able to optimize it without having to steal it from our loved ones.

SegnamiTS was created by Volunteers to be used by Volunteers.